Psychic Fair gives "information and insight"

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Nick Crow
October 12, 2014

JANESVILLE — Janesville resident Erin Jones didn't know what to expect when she had her first psychic reading Saturday.

"My friend came last year for this, and I was just curious about it," Jones said.

Jones said she is taking the reading as deeper advice on a general direction or idea, like a consultant would provide.

"I would do it again," Jones said. "It was neat."

The psychic readings are part of the Psychic Fair, held each of the past 20 years at Earthsong Books & Gifts, 2214 Kennedy Road, Janesville. It is a quarterly event held most recently last weekend.

"We like to think of it as a creative process more so than magic or something," store owner Mike Strelcheck said. "The readers are from all around, and they are very good. We always get a mix of repeat people and people trying it for the first time."

Strelcheck co-owns the store with his friend Linda Caldean. For $18 for 15 minutes or $34 for a half hour, people can speak with clairvoyants, mediums, tarot card readers, palm readers and spirit communicators and channelers.

Strelcheck predicted about 200 people would visit the store by the end of the weekend.

"The readers help a person process things," Caldean said. "It's like a mini-counseling session. It connects them with what they want to do."

Caldean said people shouldn't take everything they are told to be fact but instead use what they hear as advice they can use in their lives.

"The readings empower people to make their own decisions," Caldean said. "It gives people the intuition to pick up information and insight."

Leanne Kauffman made the trip to Earthsong on Saturday from Portage. She said she has seen psychics before but appreciated the answers she received this time the most.

"I did get some good answers," Kauffman said. "I got some good direction that put my mind at ease. I was given answers on a particular question I had. Carol (Swanson) focused on my issue, which was nice."

Elisabeth MoonRaven Steele is an intuitive tarot card reader and channeler from Whitewater. She has been reading at Earthsong for over five years.

"I use my intuition along with traditional reading of the cards," Steele said. "Each card has a specific message, and I use interpretation to explain to a person how it pertains to them and why it's what they need to hear."

Steele said she hopes people are reassured after her readings.

"I think a lot of people have serious questions about their own spirituality," Steele said. "They like to receive guidance about what might be good for them when they have choices to make."

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