Your Views: Homosexuality is neither healthy nor natural

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September 3, 2014

Legal doesn’t make it normal. It doesn’t make it healthy, and it certainly doesn’t make it natural. Recent popular court decisions regarding homosexual marriages do not change the basic facts. Marriage has been ordained by God and society for the protection of children and the blessings of God’s love. Children are only procreated by one man and one woman, and the child is from conception the dynamic interaction of two people; one male and one female. Each one has a different and vital role to play in the child’s development.

These roles need to be clear, distinct and secure so as to provide a secure, clear and distinct identity; especially a sexual identity. Boys and girls are born male or female and are absolutely different in their make-up; especially physically, but also emotionally and mentally, psychologically and in their rate of development. And they are not interchangeable.

Absent fathers, dominating mothers, lack of parental direction are all prime examples of a dysfunctional context, ripe for identity confusion and inappropriate attachments. Homosexuality should not be promoted as a normal, healthy lifestyle. It is, at its core, confusing and unhealthy.



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